Gunge Tank Services

Below are the details for the service 'Gunge Tank Hire' where you will find the requirements for the service. As some of our services require a large amount of space before you book please make sure that the venue has enough space.

Gunge Tank Hire
Gunge Tank Hire
Gunge Tank Hire
Gunge Tank Hire
Gunge Tank - Description

Nightclubfx UK entertainment hire - Gunge Tank available for hire

Just like those TV gameshows we all love, A custom made gunge tank. It keeps most of the gunge contained within the unit and just gets the clubber Gunged. This keeps the tempo going all evening. Popular for University Students fresher’s nights.

The gunge supplied is thick and colourful and goes well with different lighting effects which makes it perfect for nightclub events. The gunge tank is contained to reduce the amount of mess left by the gunge, as precaution slippery floor sign should be used.

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Size Specifications

This product requires at least 6ft x 6ft of floor space, and is 10ft in tall.

Maximum number of users

This service is operated by a member of our staff and allows for one person at a time.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety issues seriously, some of the equipment we hire can cause injures for this reason we have trained personal to oversee any events that we provide services for.