Snow Machine Hire Services

Below are the details for the service 'Snow Machine Hire' where you will find the requirements for the service. As some of our services require a large amount of space before you book please make sure that the venue has enough space.

Snow Machine Hire
Snow Machine Hire
Snow Machine Hire
Snow Machine Hire
Snow Machine Hire

Nightclubfx UK entertainment hire - Snow Machine available for hire

We are one of the first operators in the UK to offer this amazing high output snow machine for an amazing falling snow effect. It's also suitable for Many film sets, Shop front promotions and ideal for Christmas Events as well as wedding receptions.

One barrel of snow concentrate can constantly blow snow around your venue for up to 3 hours nonstop! The snow is ultra-low slip to insure safety but we still recommend displaying slippery floor signs.

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Size Specifications

The snow machine takes a small area to be setup in, but can produce snow at large distances.

Maximum number of users

Varies depending on the size of the dance floor space.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety issues seriously, some of the equipment we hire can cause injures for this reason we have trained personal to oversee any events that we provide services for.