Dunk Tank hire
Dunk Tank hire
Dunk Tank hire
Dunk Tank hire
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Dunk Tank - for hire

Probably The Best Dunk Tank in the UK,amaze your clubbers with the perfect event climax, Perch yourself on the edge of the amazing dunk tank and wait for the drop as the crowd bays for the clubber to get soaked. A great idea for great for students freshers nights.

See the Specifications below including the size requirements and insure that your venue has enough space. As this service requires a lot of floor space.

Size Specifications

This product requires at least 10ft x 10ft of floor space and is 12ft high.

Maximum number of users

One person at any time can use this service, which is operated by a member of our staff.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety issues seriously, some of the equipment we hire can cause injures for this reason we have trained personal to oversee any events that we provide services for.

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