Rodeo Sheep hire
Rodeo Sheep hire
Rodeo Sheep hire
Rodeo Sheep hire
Rodeo Sheep - is currently in your list.
Rodeo Sheep - for hire

A good twist on the original rodeo bull, now available is the rodeo sheep. Don’t be fooled by plastic imitators this sheep has a real hide!!

See the Specifications below including the size requirements and insure that your venue has enough space. As this service requires a lot of floor space.

Size Specifications

The rodeo sheep inflatable bed requires 16ft x 16ft of floor space, plus room for a queue.

Maximum number of users

This product can have one person per sitting.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety issues seriously, some of the equipment we hire can cause injures for this reason we have trained personal to oversee any events that we provide services for.

All rodeo machines are operated by a trained member of our staff to reduce the risk of injury to the service user.

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